Author: Cameron Kinnear

Not for Ourselves, but for Others

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SAL UK and Europe Formal Ball 2018

   The South African Legion United Kingdom and Europe requests the pleasure of you and your partner at the Formal Mess Ball on Saturday the 22nd of September 2018, at 18h30 which is…
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HMS Sheffield – Sunk 4th May 1982, Falklands War

HMS Sheffield (D80) was a 4100 ton Type 42 destroyer, launched on 10th June 1971 and commissioned on 16th February 1975. She was the second Royal navy ship to bear…
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World War 2 Medals

Understanding your Grandfather’s (or Fathers’) World War 2 medals. This is the standard set received by many South Africans who fought in both the North/East African theatre of operations and…
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