Membership Information


Dear Veteran

Everything you need to know about joining The South African Legion of Military Veterans – United Kingdom

You also have the option to join our The Royal British Legion – South Africa Branch. The Royal British Legion membership enables us, as veterans in the UK, to participate in veterans affairs here including the Cenotaph Parade.

Joining the Royal British Legion – South Africa Branch or Legion Scotland is “OPTIONAL” and only applies if the applicant wishes to take part in Royal British Legion and/or Legion Scotland events such as the annual Remembrance Day Cenotaph Parades and Festivals of Remembrance.  Should a South African Legion member choose not to join these organisations they cannot go to ticketed events such as the Cenotaph parade, and they are not covered by public liability insurance when parading in the UK – they also don’t have access to the discounts and benefits of The Royal British Legion (TRBL) and/or Legion Scotland membership.

The South African Legion

The South African Legion – United Kingdom & Europe requires an annual Membership Subscription fee of £16.00.

To this end please find complete the South African Legion Membership Form .

Once we have received your application we will contact you and provide you with an opportunity to pay your membership Fee and become a Member.

This link will provide you with a full introduction PDF file which outlines who we are, our objects and what we do.

Veterans Regards, and welcome on board.