WW2 SA Naval Casualties by Name and Ship

WW2 SA Naval Casualties by Name and Ship



Compiled by Don Kindell



1 9 3 9


4 October 1939


South African Naval Force

LUCAS, E (initial only) W R, Chief Engineman, 66756 (SANF), died


13 October 1939


Disa (SANF)

NICOLSON, Andrew, Cook, 63827 (SANF), died



1 9 4 0


15 April 1940


Africana (SANF)

BESTER, A (initial only) T, Leading Stoker, 6640 (SANF), died


8 July 1940


Gloucester, bombing,

ALLISON, Oswald H, Able Seaman RNVR, 67349 (SANF), killed

NOWLAN, Francis C, Able Seaman RNVR, 67409 (SANF), DOW


5 September 1940



AINSLIE, Roy, Petty Officer, 66382 (SANF), died



1 9 4 1


11 February 1941


Southern Floe (SANF), ship loss

ANDERS, John, Steward, 69637 (SANF), MPK

BOWER, Robert, Stoker 1c, 69935 (SANF), MPK

BRAND, Leslie A, Able Seaman, 69828 (SANF), MPK

CAULFIELD, Patrick, Steward, 69802 (SANF), MPK

CHANDLER, Charles R D, Cook (S), 69613 (SANF), MPK

CHENOWETH, Richard, Stoker 1c, 67420 (SANF), MPK

FAIRLEY, Alexander E, Sub Lieutenant SANF,  MPK

FRIEDLANDER, Cecil A, Able Seaman, 114703 (SANF), MPK

GARDINER, Elliott, Able Seaman, 67260 (SANF), MPK

GREENACRE, John H, Leading Seaman, 69677 (SANF), MPK

HEASMAN, Gratwicke E E, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 69784 (SANF), MPK

HOGG, Roy S, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK

INNES, Ian Mck, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK

MARSH, Reginald H Y, Able Seaman, 69911 (SANF), MPK

MITCHELL, William N, Able Seaman, 69787 (SANF), MPK

NEL, Eloff R, Able Seaman, 69635 (SANF), MPK

NICHOLSON, Douglas O, Able Seaman, 66833 (SANF), MPK

PUGH, John R, Able Seaman, 66877 (SANF), MPK

RYALL, David R, Able Seaman, 69999 (SANF), MPK

SHIMMIN, William, Leading Stoker, 69661 (SANF), MPK

SIENI, Joseph F, Able Seaman, 69788 (SANF), MPK

SNELL, Harold W, Leading Telegraphist, 69827 (SANF), MPK

STANLEY, Gordon J, Able Seaman, 66963 (SANF), MPK

WALTON, Dudley N, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK


28 March 1941


Director of South African Forces

HALLIFAX, Guy W, Rear Admiral, SANF, accident, killed


10 May 1941


South African Naval Force

HUGHES, T (initial only) J, Stoker, 71383 (SANF), died


Tordonn (SANF)

CASSON, William, Able Seaman, 252935 V (SANF), died


21 May 1941



ANDERSON, Richard W N, Able Seaman, 86082 (SANF), killed


22 May 1941


Gloucester, ship loss

ANGEL, Walter J H, Able Seaman, 67351 (SANF), MPK

AUSTIN-SMITH, John R, Ordinary Seaman, 67336 (SANF), MPK

BAGSHAW-SMITH, Philip R, Ordinary Seaman, 67337 (SANF), MPK

BAGSHAWE-SMITH, Sydney Q, Able Seaman, 68454 (SANF), MPK

BARBER, Edgar F, Able Seaman, 67302 (SANF), MPK

BRUCE, John, Able Seaman, 67355 (SANF), MPK

CARTER, Frederick G, Able Seaman, 67345 (SANF), MPK

CHILTON, Ronald H D, Ordinary Seaman, 67335 (SANF), MPK

EDWARDS, Ronald E, Ordinary Seaman, 67384 (SANF), MPK

ELLIOT, Edward R, Leading Seaman, 66584 (SANF), MPK

GERAGHTY, Herbert C, Able Seaman, 67338 (SANF), MPK

GROGAN, Graham B, Able Seaman, 67343 (SANF), MPK

JAMES, Victor F, Ordinary Seaman, 67303 (SANF), MPK

JENSEN, Niels P, Able Seaman, 67347 (SANF), MPK

MCCARTHY, Henry F, Ordinary Seaman, 67223 (SANF), MPK

MOORE, Albert, Able Seaman, 67416 (SANF), MPK

SLATER, Bryan M, Able Seaman, 67358 (SANF), MPK

SMITH, Matthew S, Able Seaman, 67359 (SANF), MPK

SONDERUP, Arthur W, Able Seaman, 67356 (SANF), MPK

STADLANDER, Rowland C, Stoker 1c, 67400 (SANF), MPK

STOKOE, Cyril A M, Act/Leading Seaman, 67264 V (SANF), MPK

SYMONS, Maurice M, Able Seaman, 68245 (SANF), MPK

THOMPSON, Walter E H, Able Seaman, 67360 (SANF), MPK

VAN DYK, Cecil H, Able Seaman, 67404 (SANF), MPK

WEBBER, Reginald, Able Seaman, 67361 (SANF), MPK

WILLIAMS, Dastrey S, Leading Seaman, 67047 (SANF), MPK

WRIGHT, Gerald V, Act/Ordnance Artificer 4, 67375 (SANF), MPK


3 June 1941


Southern Maid (SANF)

HOLT, Albert E, Telegraphist, 69576 (SANF), killed


4 August 1941


SS Tunisia, ship loss

ADAMS, Douglas E H, Act/Able Seaman RNVR, 66378 (SANF), (President III, O/P), MPK


27 August 1941


Phoebe, torpedoed

WESTON, Grant E, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68498 (SANF), killed


20 September 1941


South African Naval Force

VAN NOIE, Norman, Able Seaman, CN/72134 (SANF), died


21 September 1941


South African Naval Force

ST CLAIR-WHICKER, Willie H, Able Seaman, 67292 (SANF), died


24 November 1941


Dunedin, ship loss

RASMUSSEN, Victor J S, Leading Telegraphist, 66920 (SANF), MPK


25 November 1941


Barham, ship loss

BAKER, Dennis E W, Ordinary Seaman, 68617 (SANF), MPK

GLENN, Paul V, Ordinary Seaman, 68906 (SANF), DOW

HAYES, Richard T, Ordinary Seaman, 68499 (SANF), MPK

MORRIS, Cyril D, Ordinary Seaman, 68932 (SANF), MPK

UNSWORTH, Owen P (also known as R K Jevon), Ordinary Seaman, 69089 (SANF), MPK

WHYMARK, Vivian G, Ordinary Seaman, 69024 (SANF), MPK


10 December 1941


Repulse, ship loss

ADAMSON, William D, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 69001 (SANF), MPK


19 December 1941



Neptune, ship loss (above – CyberHeritage)

ADAMS, Thomas A, Able Seaman, 67953 (SANF), MPK

CALDER, Frank T, Ordinary Seaman, 67971 (SANF), MPK

CAMPBELL, Roy M, Able Seaman, 67318 (SANF), MPK

DIXON, Serfas, Able Seaman, 67743 (SANF), MPK

FEW, Jim, Able Seaman, 67744 (SANF), MPK

HAINES, Eric G, Able Seaman, 67697 (SANF), MPK

HOOK, Aubrey C, Able Seaman, 67862 (SANF), MPK

HOWARD, Harold D, Signalman, 67289 (SANF), MPK

HUBBARD, Wallace S, Able Seaman, 67960 (SANF), MPK

KEMACK, Brian N, Signalman, 67883 (SANF), MPK

MERRYWEATHER, John, Able Seaman, 67952 (SANF), MPK

MEYRICK, Walter, Ordinary Signalman, 68155 (SANF), MPK

MORRIS, Rodney, Ordinary Signalman, 68596 (SANF), MPK

RANKIN, Cecil R, Signalman, 67879 (SANF), MPK

THORP, Edward C, Signalman, 67852 (SANF), MPK

THORPE, Francis D, Able Seaman, 67462 (SANF), MPK

WILD, Ernest A, Able Seaman, 67929 (SANF), MPK



1 9 4 2


5 January 1942


Carnarvon Castle

BECKER, Stanley H, Able Seaman, 67474 (SANF), road accident, killed


29 January 1942


Sotra, ship loss

DRURY, Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, 68315 (SANF), MPK


25 February 1942


ST La Carriere, ship loss

DORE, Frank B, Act/Able Seaman RNVR, 67218 (SANF), (President III, O/P), MPK


4 March 1942


Cornwall, illness

HAWKINS, Reginald D, Able Seaman, 66700 (SANF), died


26 March 1942


Jaguar, ship loss

SCOTT, Clifford, Ordinary Telegraphist, 66973 (SANF), MPK


5 April 1942


Cornwall, ship loss

BATES, John S, Stoker 2c, 68924 (SANF), MPK

BESWETHERICK, Hedley C, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 86671 (SANF), MPK

BOTES, John S, Stoker 2c RNVR, 68924 (SANF), MPK

COMMERFORD, Noel P, Able Seaman RNVR, 66493 (SANF), MPK

CRAWFORD, Cecil E, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c RNVR, 67922 (SANF), MPK

DU PREEZ, Charles P H, Able Seaman, 68175 (SANF), MPK

DUTTON, Charles C, Stoker 2c RNVR, 68949 (SANF), MPK

HANSLO, Raymond F, Able Seaman RNVR, 68295 (SANF), MPK

KEITH, Kenneth I B, Able Seaman RNVR, 66742 (SANF), MPK

KENYON, Graeme A B, Able Seaman RNVR, 68002 (SANF), MPK

KIRSTEN, Monty G W, Able Seaman RNVR, 68917 (SANF), MPK

LAW, Edward, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c RNVR, 66760 (SANF), MPK

MCDAVID, William K, Stoker 2c RNVR, 69138 (SANF), MPK

MITCHELL, William A, Stoker 1c RNVR, 68796 (SANF), MPK

SPENCE, Noel W, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68732 (SANF), MPK

SQUIRES, John E, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68728 (SANF), MPK

STEPHEN, Eric B, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68861 (SANF), MPK

SWANN, Lawrence T, Stoker 1c RNVR, 68710 (SANF), MPK

THORPE, Maurice, Stoker 2c RNVR, 69140 (SANF), MPK

VERSFELD, Peter H S, Able Seaman RNVR, 68859 (SANF), MPK

VINK, Benjamin F, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68860 (SANF), MPK

WILLSON, Gerald F, Stoker 2c RNVR, 69006 (SANF), MPK

WRIGHT, Thomas H, Able Seaman RNVR, 68039 (SANF), MPK


Dorsetshire, ship loss

BELL, Douglas S, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, 67243 (SANF), MPK

BRUCE, Alexander M, Stoker 2c, 67907 (SANF), MPK

EVENPOEL, Albert, Stoker 2c, 67909 (SANF), MPK

GEFFEN, Sender, Stoker 1c, 68035 (SANF), MPK

HOWE, Horace G, Ordinary Seaman RNVR, 68680 (SANF), MPK

KENDRICK, George, Stoker 2c, 67910 (SANF), MPK

MCINTYRE, Norman G, Able Seaman, 67446 (SANF), MPK

MCLELLAN, Robert, Ordinary Telegraphist, 67897 (SANF), MPK

MORROW, Douglas E, Able Seaman, 67989 (SANF), MPK

ORTON, Charles P, Able Seaman, 68009 (SANF), MPK

REDMAN, Roland A, Leading Stoker, 67406 (SANF), MPK

SCOTT, William J, Able Seaman, 68007 (SANF), MPK

SEVEL, Harry, Stoker 1c, 68100 (SANF), MPK

WILLETT, Amos A S, Stoker 1c, 67240 (SANF), MPK

WILLIAMSON, Walter N, Able Seaman, 67803 (SANF), MPK


6 April 1942


Cornwall, ship loss

PALMER, Walter A, Able Seaman RNVR, 68344 (SANF), (rescued, aboard HMS Enterprise), DOW


7 April 1942


South African Naval Force

SMITH, P (initial only), Able Seaman, CN/72263 (SANF), died


9 April 1942



Hermes, ship loss (above, prewar – Navy Photos)

BRYSON, Neil W, Ordinary Telegraphist, 69147 (SANF), MPK

BURNIE, Ian A, Able Seaman, 67786 (SANF), MPK

CLAYTON, Frederick H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 68102 (SANF), MPK

DE CASTRO, Alfred T, Stoker 1c, 67914 (SANF), MPK

KEENEY, Frederick W, Able Seaman, 67748 (SANF), MPK

KEYTEL, Roy, Able Seaman, 67296 (SANF), MPK

KIMBLE, Dennis C, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 67600 (SANF), MPK

KRAUSE, Frederick E, Able Seaman, 68321 (SANF), MPK

RAPHAEL, Philip R, Able Seaman, 67841 (SANF), MPK

RICHARDSON, Ronald P, Able Seaman, 67494 (SANF), MPK

TOMS, Ivanhoe S, Able Seaman, 67709 (SANF), MPK

VICKERS, Colin P, Able Seaman, 68296 (SANF), MPK

VORSTER, Jack P, Able Seaman, 67755 (SANF), MPK

WHITE, Edward G, Stoker, 68026 (SANF), MPK

WIBLIN, Eric R, Able Seaman, 67717 (SANF), MPK

YATES, Philip R, Supply Assistant, 67570 (SANF), MPK


Hollyhock, ship loss

ANDERSON, Henry G, Able Seaman, 67501 (SANF), MPK

BASTON, Douglas T, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 68600 (SANF), MPK

BUITENDACH, James M, Stoker 2c, 69223 (SANF), MPK

JUBY, Kenneth J, Ordinary Seaman, 69211 (SANF), MPK

LEACH, Peter A D H, Stoker 2c, 69225 (SANF), MPK


20 April 1942



BUCHANAN, Alexander, Able Seaman, 67934 (SANF), died


30 April 1942


Edinburgh, ship loss

DRUMMOND, Valentine W, Able Seaman, 68043 (SANF), MPK

VAN DORDRECHT, William H, Able Seaman, 67851 (SANF), MPK


21 June 1942



COMMERFORD, Terence, Ordinary Seaman, 330258 (SANF), died


Parktown (SANF), ship loss

BROCKLEHURST, Peter S, Able Seaman, 70457 (SANF), MPK

COOK, John A, Stoker 1c, 70256 (SANF), MPK

JAGGER, Leslie J, Lieutenant SANF, 70016 (SANF), MPK

MCEWAN, William A, Steward, 69686 (SANF), MPK

TREAMER, Arthur P, Petty Officer, 71109 (SANF), MPK


6 July 1942


Niger, ship loss

PRICE, David, Able Seaman RNVR, P/68529 (SANF), MPK


21 July 1942


South African Naval Force

RUITERS, Walter, Stoker, CN/72081 (SANF), died


4 August 1942



TROUT, A (initial only) N, Able Seaman, CN/72133 (SANF), died


16 August 1942


South African Naval Force

MURPHY, J (initial only), Able Seaman, CN/72256 (SANF), died


17 August 1942


Receiffe (SANF)

FROST, M (initial only) L, Able Seaman, CN/71804 (SANF), died


18 August 1942



JOHNSTONE, Henry N, Lieutenant Commander (E), SANF, 66727, died


4 September 1942


South African Naval Force

PETERSON, W (initial only) J, Able Seaman, CN/72184 (SANF), died


16 September 1942



BAWDEN, Wilfred R, Stoker 2c RNVR, 330425 (SANF), DOWS


25 September 1942


Roodepoort (SANF)

REHR, Cecil, Able Seaman, 69877 (SANF), died


29 September 1942


Soetvlei (SANF)

CARLELSE, Frederick, Able Seaman, CN/72004 (SANF), died


1 October 1942


SS Laconia, ship loss

ROSS, Robert, Stoker 2c, 69119 (SANF), (Victory, O/P), DOWS


2 November 1942


SS Llandilo, ship loss

CRAGG, Ronald F, Able Seaman (DEMS), 66488 (SANF), (President III, O/P), MPK


12 November 1942


Hecla, ship loss,

BENNETT, John F, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 330351 (SANF), MPK

LLOYD, George H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, 330353 (SANF), MPK

PEERS, Charles V, Able Seaman, 562653 (SANF), MPK

SMITH, Ian R, Electrical Artificer 4c, 68478 (SANF), MPK


7 December 1942


SS Ceramic, ship loss

MOSCOS, John G, Leading Writer, 66786 (SANF), (SANF, O/P), MPK


30 December 1942


Fidelity, ship loss

NIGHTSCALES, Norman, Writer, 68148 (SANF), MPK



1 9 4 3


3 January 1943


South African Naval Force

PETERS, Norman, Leading Stoker, 66847 (SANF), died


27 January 1943



GITTINS, Victor L, Ordinary Seaman, 69325 (SANF), died


26 February 1943


President III

PLATT, Ronald M, Petty Officer, 67160 V (SANF), accident, killed


7 March 1943



CROSSLEY, Alfred H, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK

DE KOCK, Victor P De C, Ty/Lieutenant, SANF, MPK


13 March 1943


SS Empress of Canada, ship loss

COCHRANE, Joseph, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P 68947 (SANF), (Pembroke, O/P), MPK


24 March 1943


Adriat (SANF)

DELL, Rodney, Able Seaman, 68866 (SANF), killed


1 April 1943


SANF, Benghazi, Libya

HENDERSON, Alexander P, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 562099 (SANF), killed


9 May 1943


Gonding (SANF)

JAMES, H (initial only), Steward, CN/72252 (SANF), died


14 May 1943


South African Naval Force

ORGILL, C (initial only) B, Able Seaman, CN/71947 (SANF), died


20 May 1943


South African Naval Force

LA CHARD, Edwin, Lieutenant Commander, SANF, died


28 May 1943


South African Naval Force

LUCAS, A (initial only) W, Able Seaman, 152875 (SANF), died


30 June 1943


South African Naval Force

BATEMAN, T (initial only), Chief Engine Room Artificer, 71627 (SANF), died


1 July 1943


South African Naval Force

ROBBERTS, Kaspar, Petty Officer, P/5285 (SANF), died


15 July 1943


SS Empire Lake, ship loss

FLINT, John M, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), P 562749 (SANF), (President III, O/P), MPK


10 August 1943


Blaauwberg (SANF)

BOSHOFF, Christofel J, Able Seaman, 70339 (SANF), killed


29 August 1943


South African Naval Force

LENZ, William, Able Seaman, 69544 (SANF), died


21 September 1943


SANF, Diego Suarez

BESTEL, Emmanuel A N M, Lieutenant, SANF, died


3 October 1943


South African Naval Force

HARLE, Paul A, Petty Officer, 71796 (SANF), died


5 October 1943


Southern Sea (SANF)

STEELE, Ewen, Able Seaman, 71272 V (SANF), killed


18 November 1943


South African Naval Force

BETTS, Robert, Able Seaman, 68900 (SANF), died


29 November 1943


South African Naval Force

PAGE, Robert, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, died


Smalvlei (SANF)

MCLEAN, Richard, Stoker, 562567 (SANF), died


2 December 1943



LOUW, Joseph, Stoker, CN 72175 (SANF), illness, died


16 December 1943


South African Naval Force

HARRIS, R (initial only) H, Telegraphist, 330488 (SANF), died


19 December 1943


South African Naval Force

NICHOLLS, John, Yeoman of Signals, 66824 V (SANF), died



1 9 4 4


18 January 1944


South African Naval Force

FLORENCE, John, Stoker, CN/71982 V (SANF), died


26 January 1944


Northern Duke

ATKIN, William B, Lieutenant SANF, illness, died


28 January 1944


South African Naval Force

DANIELS, Adam, Stoker, 72034 (SANF), died


31 March 1944


South African Naval Force

RAVENS, Albert, Able Seaman, CN/72213 V (SANF), died


12 April 1944


Pembroke IV

SHIELDS, Eric E M, Lieutenant, SANF, died


14 April 1944


851 Sqn Shah, air crash

MACWHIRTER, Cecil J, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), SANF, MPK


4 May 1944


South African Naval Force

DE KLERK, John, Ordinary Seaman, 585868 V (SANF), died


8 May 1944


South African Naval Force

BOTHA, Herkulas, Cook, 562093 V (SANF), died


16 June 1944


South African Naval Force

BISSETT, Alexander, Lieutenant, SANF, died



14 September 1944


South African Naval Force

JENKINS, Edward G, Engine Room Artificer, 66720 V (SANF), died


20 September 1944


South African Naval Force

KEMP, Thomas, Able Seaman, CN/71015 V (SANF), died


15 October 1944


South African Naval Force

WATSON, George, Lieutenant, SANF, died


14 November 1944


Treern (SANF)

BOSWELL, Louis F W, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 69756V (SANF), MPK


19 November 1944


South African Naval Force

ABRAHAMS, Henry, Able Seaman, CN/719204 (SANF), died


22 November 1944


South African Naval Force

BERMAN, Nicholas, Ordinary Seaman, 616728V (SANF), died



1 9 4 5


4 January 1945


ML.1163, ship loss

HOWDEN, Russell K, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK


11 January 1945


South African Naval Force

DIXON, Robert, Able Seaman, CN/584276 (SANF), died


12 January 1945


Treern (SANF), ship loss

ANDERSON, Robert D, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 71067 V (SANF), MPK

BARKER, Ronald E, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, MPK

BLAKE, Robert E, Petty Officer, P 6572 (SANF), MPK

BROWN, Ian H, Able Seaman, 71719 V (SANF), MPK

BYRNE, Patrick, Lieutenant, SANF, MPK

DAVIE, William, Stoker 1c, 70681 V (SANF), MPK

ENGELBEEN, Leslie C, Able Seaman, 562235 V (SANF), MPK

JACOBZ, Frank H, Stoker 1c, 70374 V (SANF), MPK

MATTHEWS, George A, Stoker 1c, 70728 V (SANF), MPK

MCINTYRE, William G, Cook (S), 585360 (SANF), MPK

MCLARTY, William D, Leading Stoker, 562246 V (SANF), MPK

MCLEAN, Godfrey, Able Seaman, 562455 V (SANF), MPK

NILAND, St John E, Able Seaman, 209905 (SANF), MPK

PERRY, Desmond A, Petty Officer, 71211 (SANF), MPK

REID, Kenneth H, Signalman, 562143 V (SANF), MPK

SALCOMBE, Francis R, Stoker 1c, 58589 V (SANF), MPK

STAPELBERG, Willem J, Steward, 562221 V (SANF), MPK

SUTTON, Donald A, Able Seaman, 70426 (SANF), MPK

SUTTON, George A M, Leading Seaman, 586403 V (SANF), MPK

TRAFFORD, William O, Able Seaman, 71222 V (SANF), MPK

VILJOEN, Dennis A, Telegraphist, 70984 V (SANF), MPK

WHITE, Charles W, Petty Officer, 562200 V (SANF), MPK

WULFF, Emil F, Leading Seaman, 562466 V (SANF), MPK


10 February 1945


South African Naval Force

TREISMAN, Gerald, Steward, 584730 V (SANF), died


24 February 1945


South African Naval Force

LAMONT, J (initial only), Steward, 71402 (SANF), died


28 March 1945


815 Sqn Landrail, air crash

WAKE, Vivian H, Ty/Lieutenant (A), SANF, MPK


31 March 1945


South African Naval Force

HORNE, P (initial only) D, Chief Petty Officer, 66661 V (SANF), died

POVEY, Leonard, Able Seaman, 71182 V (SANF), died


20 April 1945


South African Naval Force

PFAFF, C (initial only) E, Petty Officer Stoker, 562721 V (SANF), died


5 May 1945


South African Naval Force

CHRISTIAN, J (initial only) W, Able Seaman, CN/71965 (SANF), died


8 May 1945


South African Naval Force

SIMON, Frederick, Stoker, CN/72046 V (SANF), died


22 May 1945


South African Naval Force

VAN AARDT, S (initial only), Stoker, CN/721490 (SANF), died


3 June 1945


South African Naval Force

CLARE, Frederick W, Chief Petty Officer, 69599 V (SANF), died


9 June 1945


South African Naval Force

KEOWN, R (initial only) J, Able Seaman, CN/71845 (SANF), died


19 July 1945


South African Naval Force

WELCOME, J (initial only) J, Able Seaman, CN/72270 (SANF), died


21 July 1945


South African Naval Force

VAN WYNGAARDT, F (initial only) A, Able Seaman, 585610 V (SANF), died


24 July 1945



CLARKE, Reginald E, Ty/Lieutenant Commander, SANF, air crash, MPK


28 July 1945


1772 Sqn Indefatigable, air operations

LA GRANGE, Antony M, Sub Lieutenant (A), SANF, MPK


8 August 1945



LIDDLE, John, Lieutenant, SANF, MPK




Goede Hoop or Good Hope (SANF) (above – Photo Ships)

HEARD, George A, Lieutenant, SANF, died


South African Naval Force

COOK, W (initial only), Leading Stoker, 70527 V (SANF), died


14 September 1945


South African Naval Force

KERSTOFFEL, H (initial only), Stoker, 72310 (SANF), died


4 October 1945


South African Naval Force

JANSEN, S (initial only) C, Able Seaman, CN/584477 V (SANF), died


8 November 1945


South African Naval Force

PITTS, S (initial only) L, Able Seaman, CN/564203 (SANF), died


2 December 1945


South African Naval Force

SCHILDER, R (initial only) D, Leading Seaman, CN 71826 V (SANF), died


8 December 1945


South African Naval Force

BOTHA, J (initial only) F, Able Seaman, 585386 (SANF), died


11 December 1945


South African Naval Force

TURNER, N (initial only) J, Able Seaman, CN/562915 (SANF), died



1 9 4 6


20 February 1946


South African Naval Force

KEMERY, S (initial only) P, Leading Writer, 67275 (SANF), died


25 February 1946



BARBER, Benjamin W R, Sub Lieutenant, SANF, died


4 May 1946


South African Naval Force

KEET, H (initial only) M T, Able Seaman, 586028 (SANF), died


5 May 1946


South African Naval Force

FLANAGAN, Terrence D, Able Seaman, 587088 (SANF), died


14 May 1946


South African Naval Force

ISAACS, N (initial only), Able Seaman, CN/584368 V (SANF), died


8 June 1946


South African Naval Force

FULLFORD, Watton, Chief Petty Officer, 69711 (SANF), died


28 June 1946


South African Naval Force

NORTMAN, Willem, Stoker, 590608 V (SANF), died


10 July 1946


South African Naval Force

VAN GRAAN, A (initial only), Able Seaman, CNN/957 (SANF), died


21 July 1946


South African Naval Force

SWANEPOEL, S (initial only), Cook, 7112 (SANF), died


17 October 1946


South African Naval Force

DICKSON, M (initial only) A, Sub Lieutenant, SANF



14 November 1946


South African Naval Force

OLLERHEAD, Owen, Lieutenant, SANF, died


29 December 1946


Goede Hoop (SANF)

GILBRIDE, Charles S, Lieutenant (Sp), SANF, died



1 9 4 7


9 April 1947


South African Naval Force

TITUS, J (initial only) J, Able Seaman, CN/584418 V (SANF), died


7 June 1947


South African Naval Force

POGGENPOEL, D (Inital Only) B, Able Seaman, CN/71950 V (SANF), died


27 June 1947


South African Naval Force

KONIG, E (initial only), Stoker, 584989 V (SANF), died


18 August 1947


South African Naval Force

THOMPSON, J (initial only) R, Stoker, 330669 (SANF), died