Remembrance Parade 2015 – London

Dear All Veterans,

I wish to thank all those that attended the Remembrance Sunday Parade at the Cenotaph on 8 November 2015 on behalf of the South African Legion Branch of the Royal British Legion.
This day was a time to remember and reflect on those that had fallen in all the wars, “lest we forget” and pay our respect for those that had sacrificed so much.

The day was also a time to be with comrades and fellow soldiers from all arms of service to reflect, remember and celebrate.

It was great to meet up with old and new comrades, getting to know everyone and coming to the known that this group truly has Ladies and Gentlemen as its members.

I wish to thank everyone who were able and those who were not able to attend many of whom had to work on this day, had family commitments or who were just not able travel. We appreciate everyone’s efforts for the day as many had to travel from far and wide as well as those for whom it was difficult to travel but attended.

Without having to name names I wish to thank everyone for their efforts no matter how big or small, made the day a time to remember for all. The day was a true success due to the efforts made by all.

The future looks bright and full of opportunities for the future of the South African Legion.

Respect to all fellow Legionaries and best Regards.

Russel Mattushek
Vice Chairman SAL