Remembrance Parade 2015 – Gothenberg

Not for Ourselves, but for Others

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A summary of the South African Legion’s Remembrance Day Wreath laying at Kviberg Cemetery in Gothenburg Sweden.
This year I had the honour of having Russell Travers at my side. Russell and his family travelled along way to participate and I thank him for that.

Proceeding started with the church service in Saint Andrews Church in Gothenburg at 11 am to be followed by the Wreath laying ceremonies at Kviberg.
This year we started at the German grave site to then go on to the Commonwealth.
The weather was amazing with sunny skies and very pleasant temperatures and the only hitch was we were delayed for nearly a ½ hour waiting for the German pastor as he was caught in traffic.

One proceeding got going things fell in place and it was another memorable ceremony.

The trumpeter was outstanding and did not miss a beat or note.

Tobias Viljoen