Author: David Kiley

Not for Ourselves, but for Others

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The New Zealanders` Farewell to the South Africans

This was written after the South Africans held their positions at Deville Wood on the Western Front, for a loss of 2536 of their men during World War I. This poem, written by…
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First World War : Order of Battle and Operational History Timeline of the 9th Scottish Dvision ( incorporating 1st South African Infantry Brigade ).

The 9th ( Scottish ) Division came into existence as a result of Army Order No. 324, issued on 21 August 1914, which authorised the formation of the six new Divisions…
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Tunisian Campaign 1943

    WW2 – Tunisian campaign 1943 – original colour photograph of two clipped-wing Supermarine Spitfire V’s of No 40 Squadron, South African Air Force serving in a reconnaissance role.…
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